Due to a serious illness in the HCC family, a delay of up to six weeks is possible with all orders.  We will strive to get your products out asap. For .50 BMG bottle openers for groomsmen, we will be able to process and ship your order within one week. All other orders may be delayed. If you have a time contraint, please contact us before ordering to see if we can fulfill your order in time.

  • All of our pieces are custom made. While many are already made and ready to ship, some are not made until your order is placed. Therefore, how quickly we ship depends upon what you have ordered, how large the order is, if engraving is requested and how busy we are at the time your order is placed. If you have a question about how long it will take for a specific product to be ready for shipment, feel free to call or email us. We love to hear from our customers!
  •  Custom paracord gun slings, guitar straps etc. might take longer, as could custom engraved products.

Feel free to email us for a timeline on a specific product. 

We ship via USPS, which generally takes three to five days until delivery to your doorstep or mailbox for US orders. We strongly recommend that you purchase insurance at checkout.  We do not replace lost or damaged items once they are accepted at the post office for shipment –any loss or damage is to be settled between the customer and the USPS.

International orders take longer depending on the country we are shipping to.

Please contact us if you need something more quickly and we will tell you if we can accommodate your request.



Attention Customers: Due to a serious illness in the HCC family, we are now accepting orders with the stipulation that it could take up to six weeks to process your order. Please contact us with any questions. Thank you. Dismiss