About Us

High Caliber Creations is a family business. We started in 2009 as a creative way of recycling the brass and spent ammunition that we retrieved after target shooting. While we have expanded our staff and facilities in response to demand for our “high caliber” creations, we still give individual time and attention to EACH piece that leaves our shop. Every item is unique – we are proud to say there is NO MASS MARKETING!

Through our designs, we attempt to convey several positive messages:

  1. It’s fun to be unique.
  2. Beauty can be found even in those things that are perceived by many to be ugly.
  3. Recycle everything you can & be creative while you’re at it.
  4. America is the land of the free because of the brave. We strongly support our troops,our police forces & our first responders!
  5. Long live the Second Amendment! We are proud members of the NRA Business Alliance!

We are proud to maintain our “high caliber” standards by making unique jewelry and accessories using quality products and professional techniques.

Unlike most other bullet jewelry designers, the majority of our jewelry is made with the ENTIRE bullet cartridge, not just case heads or casings. This takes special equipment, knowledge, expertise and experience – a rare combination!

With that said, beware of “internet copycats” who try to reproduce our jewelry but do not have the necessary experience or expertise and end up producing defective products. Do yourself a favor and buy from an honest, knowledgeable & established company that does not mass market its products. Often imitated, but never equaled – we’re confident you’ll find our bullet jewelry is the best around!

Our bullet casing jewelry and accessories are SAFE because they do not contain live rounds. No gun powder or primers are used. Furthermore, our products are skillfully crafted to look as AUTHENTIC as possible, down to the millimeter. We are detail-oriented perfectionists, and apply care to every aspect of each piece.

For an extra special touch, we also offer PERSONALIZED ENGRAVING. (Engraved bullet cases can contain one to four lines of text, which might include names,important dates, phrases, logos or words of wisdom.)

We respect our craft & our customers, and we work hard to keep our loyal customer base satisfied. We give each customer the respect and attention they deserve. We are also accessible when you need to talk to us via phone or email, which is a nice perk in this technological age.

We hope you enjoy our designs as much as we enjoy making them!

God, Guns & Guts