The Tessa .223 Necklace

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.223 necklace – The Tessa

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“The Tessa” is an edgy and unique necklace that is made from Mother of Pearl spike-shaped shells that have hues of gold and black, copper colored seed beads and SEVEN 5.56 x 45/.223 cartridges! This necklace was formerly known as “The Predator,” but we have changed the name to give credit to the creative designer of the necklace, pictured here wearing it.

This necklace is similar to the one worn by Katrina Pierson, but we have been making it for many years and our design is ORIGINAL!

These cartridges have been once-fired, then reloaded with a new bullet. The 5.56 x 45/.223 is the cartridge used in an AR-15. If you would prefer a different caliber, please contact us. Like most of our jewelry,  you won’t find this necklace anywhere else since it is our unique design. This necklace measures 16″ for a choker-like effect. If you would like it longer, please email us and tell us your desired length.

Custom engraving is available for an additional fee.


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