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Bullet Flashlights Are Here!

We now carry bullet flashlights made from once-fired .50 Caliber BMG cases!

These are unusual and very cool! We dare you to find them elsewhere!

Here is the link:


Proud Donors to the Rock River Valley YMCA

We are proud donors to the local YMCA in Rockford, IL. Specifically, we are donors to Project 505. Project 505’s mission statement is as follows:

“Project 505 exists to address the need for teen programming in our community, to give teens an alternative rather than being on the streets. We inspire and develop teens into maturity and motivate teens to give back to their community.”

Together, we can all make positive contributions to our communities!


Tessa, Sporting a .223 Necklace!

Here is one of our designers/models, Tessa, sporting her favorite necklace . Hers is engraved with the words “Molon Labe,” but you can choose your own personalized text!


Tessa wearing .223

We Now Offer Picture Engraving!

We are proud to announce that we now offer PERSONALIZED picture engraving. Just send us a picture and we will engrave it onto a dog tag….. more product options to come in the near future! For more information, check out our “Featured Products.”