Product Safety


Here are some answers to questions that you might have:


Many of our products contain the entire cartridge (this includes the case and the bullet), but none of them are live, because there is no gun powder or live primer.  To be clear, they are not usable as ammunition. They are for novelty purposes only.


In some pieces, the primer is present, but it is not live. If you look at the primer, you will see a strike mark from the firing pin that indicates that the primer has already been fired, and therefore deactivated. In some pieces, the primer has actually been removed so that the casing can be anchored on a necklace or key chain.

 3.  Casings

Many of the casings we use have been “once fired.” We then retrieve them, clean them and recycle them for our jewelry. Most of the casings are brass, but some are nickel-plated brass or steel. This will be indicated in each listing. Some casings have holes drilled in the sides by our fabricator so that we can use them in our jewelry. Some casings have a new bullet reseated in them. We accomplish this by using special reloading equipment. Since the primer is either deactivated or removed, and because there is no gun powder in any cartridge we use, the reseated bullets are not harmful or useful as ammunition in any way. At this point, they are NOT considered “live ammunition.”

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