Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can you custom-design a piece according to my specifications?
Sure! Just shoot us an email and tell us what you want. We will design a piece for you and give you a price quote. You can then let us know if we should proceed.
2. Can you add/remove a bullet cartridge from a piece?
Yes. If you see something you like, but would like a bullet added to it, we can do that. Likewise, if you see a piece that you like but would prefer it to be “ammo-free”, we can remove the bullet and add something else in its place. Just let us know what your preference is. You can contact us very easily and we check our emails regularly.
3.  My bullet/bullet casing looks tarnished. Why is this happening?
This is normal for some pieces, especially those with brass cases. Just as leather acquires a “worn” look, many ammunition components are made of brass. With normal exposure to skin, air, perfumes, water etc. these pieces will start to tarnish. This is called a “patina” and it makes each piece unique, adding to the “recycled brass” look.
Many people desire a patina and jewelry makers actually apply products to speed up this process. However, if you prefer “tarnish-free” brass, an occasional touch-up with an inexpensive metal cleaner will do the trick. (We use Maas Metal Polish).
If you want a more tarnish-resistant product, we highly recommend buying a nickel-plated case ,as opposed to a brass case.
This is an option for many of our calibers.
4. Some of your pieces are made from expanded hollow point bullets which are made of lead. Are they sealed?
All expanded hollow point bullets are sealed in three coats of a clear sealant. However, you should be aware that there is lead in these products, as well as some other products that we offer. If you are not comfortable with this, we recommend the purchase of a different item. Furthermore, by agreeing to our Terms & Conditions, you are acknowledging that you are aware of this and that High Caliber Creations cannot be held liable in any way.
5. How are the products packaged?
Each piece comes in a decorative gift bag or a gift box with the HCC label on the top. In some cases, there is an extra charge for the box-this will be clarified in the listing.

6. Can you repair an item that was bought from your site?

Yes. We proudly stand behind our work. If you purchase an item from us and there is any problem, send it back to us via first class mail with  tracking (this is usually less than $4.00 and we will refund your shipping cost). We will repair the item for free and send it back to you.