How To Care For Your Jewelry

Bullet cartridges, especially brass, will tarnish easily, but a few simple steps will keep them looking like new.

1. Understand what causes it to tarnish….. Sweat, perfume, lotions, soaps etc. leave residue on your skin. When you perspire, the metal reacts to that residue and oxidizes. If not cleaned periodically, the oxidation on the metal eventually turns it green. However, all you need to do is keep your jewelry dry and clean, and you should not have a problem.

2. Clean your cartridge with a metal cleaner as needed (about once a week for the average wearer.) This takes less than a minute and makes a big difference. We use a cleaner called Maas Metal Polish that is very inexpensive. It makes the cartridge look like new. Just put a small dab of the metal polish on a dry, soft cloth and gently clean the bullet cartridge. Then, lightly buff off any residue or polish with a dry section of the same cloth. It will look like new!

3. Do not wear your jewelry in water. If you do, dry it off as soon as possible, being sure to let excess water drain out of any holes, bails etc. Similarly, if you sweat a lot, just wipe down and dry your cartridge at the end of the day.

These simple tips will keep your jewelry looking as shiny and new as it did the day you received it!