Our Event Booth

Here is a picture of our booth before an event (this one was taken at the Rockford City Market). Clockwise from the eagle we have handmade paracord items, then on the shelves we have pistol round necklaces, revolver round necklaces, rifle necklaces, ammo-free necklaces, case head necklaces and Hog’s tooth necklaces. On the long table we have case head bracelets, case head rings, key chains, earrings, gauges, engraved cartridges and miscellaneous items. Starting on  July 10, we will also have our bullet pens on this table.  On the front table, we have our LED light up bracelets, our .50 Caliber BMG bottle openers and a case with our sterling silver and higher end items, including expanded hollow point necklaces and cuff links.  COME SEE US and say hello! Mention this post for 10% off one item.


Attention Customers: Due to an emergency in the HCC family, any orders placed on or after March 16, 2019 will not be processed for at least two weeks. We apologize for any inconvenience. Please email us with any questions, as we will still be able to respond to emails. Thank you. Dismiss