A HOG’S tooth necklace is a bullet necklace unlike any other. HOG stands for “hunter of gunmen.” A real HOG’s Tooth is made from a round taken from an enemy’s weapon that was aimed at you, but you killed the enemy first – typically that enemy is a sniper. While a true Hog’s tooth – “the round with your name on it” – must be taken from your enemy’s weapon, our replicas are sold as a tribute to the brave soldiers who fight for our country every day. As some of their biggest supporters, we have crafted these necklaces to honor their spirit, strength, and history. We intend no disrespect in our sale of these HOG tooth necklace replicas. We offers a variety of HOG tooth necklace calibers, including .270, .30 and .50 caliber options. Beware, you might find the HOG’s tooth on other sites for less money, but it is difficult to make a level, balanced bullet. We are experienced and conscientious with our products and can assure a quality product. We apologize, but this product is indefinitely out of stock due to an injury to our Hog’s tooth fabricator’s hand. We will make a post when we have it in stock again.

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