22 LR Paracord Bangle Bracelet


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This bangle bracelet features stainless steel memory wire that is sheathed by paracord – you can choose the color.

View “AVAILABLE PARACORD COLORS” by clicking on the following link, then click on the back arrow to return to this listing: https://www.highcalibercreations.com/?page_id=3068

The ends are topped off by once-fired 22 LR cases. You can even see the firing pin strike marks on the case heads!

Depending on the length you choose, you will get a different look. We have given a few examples in our photos.

Basically, just measure around your wrist for the distance that you want the bracelet to cover and order that size.

You can order a shorter size for an incomplete bangle that can be worn on the top of the wrist or the underside or you can

order a longer size for full closure and even overlap.

Layer your bangles and wraps for a bohemian look.




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