30-06 Bullet Cartridge Engraved with “ONE SHOT ONE KILL.” Sniper Bullet.


One Shot One Kill


This 30-06 cartridge is engraved with the words “ONE SHOT ONE KILL”. What makes this one extra special is that the letter “O” in the word “shot” is a CROSSHAIRS!

This is similar to the round used by Carlos Hathcock, the incredible sniper who served our country in the Vietnam War.

This engraved cartridge is not live. There is no gun powder or primer. The case that is pictured is once-fired and has been loaded with a new nosler ballistic tip bullet (green tipped bullet).  Your case may be loaded with a standard bullet (as opposed to the green nosler ballistic tip) based upon availability. If you have a preference, please let us know. Also, due to the fact that the case is once-fired, there may be blemishes or marks. This is what makes every cartridge unique and different, and is part of what makes this product so unique.

You can request this item as a necklace, a key chain or free-standing.

Makes a great gift for a sniper, a soldier, a hunter, a gun enthusiast and more!

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Freestanding, Necklace, Key Ring