Dog Collar-Reflective Paracord


Reflective Paracord Dog Collar


This dog collar is handmade to your specifications right here at the High Caliber Creations shop!

Depending on the personalized collar size, this collar features 11-18 feet of black reflective paracord . Reflective paracord is almost twice the price of regular paracord, which is why this collar costs a little more.

The reflective paracord is great at night – if a flashlight or headlight shines on it, the light is reflected off of it – possibly saving your dog’s life!  (These reflective strands show up as the white flecks on the black cord in the photos.)

Again, depending on the exact size requested, this collar also features about 11 – 18  feet of OD green paracord for a total of 22 – 36  feet of survival paracord.

We use only 550 military spec paracord with 7 inner strands that can be used in a variety of emergency situations. This collar will probably be the longest lasting collar you ever buy!

This is the trilobite weave which is chunkier and looks great on larger dogs. Of course, it looks good on the little ones too – as modeled here by our own little guy, Harley!

We will be adding other colors, but for now, just email us if you are interested in a different color combination.

When measuring neck size, please give us the exact measurement of your dog’s neck.