Revolver Rounds (Necklace, Key Chain or Cartridge Only)


Quick shop for common revolver rounds. Choose your caliber and accessory from the lists below and you’re done. Engraving available.


Optional Custom Engraving

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This is our most popular product for revolver rounds.

First, choose your caliber.

Second, choose the accessory: necklace, key chain or cartridge only. (If there is a similar product that is not listed here, email us and we will try to accommodate your request for the same price.)

Notes About Options:

  • If necklace option is chosen, the cartridge is anchored on a 20″ ball chain – silver colored for nickel plated cartridges, brass colored for brass cartridges. (If you prefer a different chain, email us for price and availability.)
  • If the key chain option is chosen, the cartridge is anchored on a basic key ring.
  • You may choose the custom engraving option for an extra fee, but please note that the maximum number of characters varies depending upon the size of the cartridge that you choose. The size of the text will also vary. Obviously, the larger the cartridge, the bigger the font and/or the more characters allowed. While this is not definitive, please use the guide below as an aid:

.38 Special – Maximum 23 characters

.44 Magnum – Maximum 21 characters

.44 Special – Maximum 21 characters

.357 Magnum – 21 characters

.500 Smith & Wesson- 25 characters

Note: Availability of each caliber varies on a daily basis. If you order a caliber that is out of stock, we will let you know when it will be back in stock-usually it is less than a one week wait. You will have the option to wait for it, substitute a different caliber or get a refund.


Additional information

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.38 Special Brass Case/Hollow Point Bullet, .38 Special Brass Case/Semi-Jacketed Bullet, .38 Special Nickel Plated Case/Brass Bullet, .357 Magnum Brass Case/Hollow Point Bullet, .357 Magnum Brass Case/Semi-Jacketed Bullet, .357 Magnum Nickel Plated Case/Hollow Point Bullet, .44 Magnum Brass Case/Hollow Point Bullet, .44 Special Brass Case/Hollow Point Bullet, .500 S&W Brass Case/FMJ Bullet, .500 S&W Brass Case/Hollow Point Bullet, .500 S&W Hornady FTX (Red TIp)


Necklace, Key Chain, Cartridge Only


Amerzone Script, Bookman, Old English, Souvenir Bold, Zapf Chancery

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