“DEATH BEFORE DISHONOR” Paracord Bracelet with Engraved .45 ACP Cases


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This bracelet is extra special. Not only is it custom made here in our shop, but it has .45 caliber cases that have been engraved with the words  “DEATH BEFORE DISHONOR”.

These are once-fired .45 ACP cases, so each one may have some discoloration, scratch or other mark. This just makes each one unique -we think that the fact that they are repurposed is one of the things that make our products so cool. You can even see the strike mark from the firing pin on the case head.

We have engraved the words “DEATH BEFORE DISHONOR” on these cases, an ever popular phrase from our customers.

As for the bracelet, it is custom made using the cobra weave. It has a bendable wire inside which enables it to wrap around your wrist. Depending on your individual wrist size, the cases may or may not line up exactly.

Pictured here in Army Camo, this bracelet is available in many colors. Click the following link to view “AVAILABLE PARACORD COLORS”, then click on the back arrow to come back to this listing:https://www.highcalibercreations.com/?page_id=3068

If you prefer different engraved text, check out our other available options. If you still don’t see what you want, shoot us an email and we will try to accommodate your request.


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