Durable Custom Made Dog Leash with Thin Blue Line Theme


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This 4.5 foot long dog leash was custom made here in our shop.

It contains over 80 feet of military spec paracord. This means the cord has seven inner nylon strands. The minimum break strength is 500 pounds.

The black paracord used in this leash has reflective tracers in it, so that you and your dog can be more easily seen at night when headlights or flashlights shine on the leash.

This is all-weather paracord- it dries quickly and will not rot or mildew.

This leash features a large handle that will accommodate bigger hands and/or gloves.

This specific leash features blue and black (law enforcement colors) but we usually accommodate other color requests via email.

This leash is very strong and can hold big dogs. It is very durable and could well be the last leash you ever need to purchase!