Engraving of a Case That You Send Us: Military Funeral Cases, First Deer, First Time Shooting and More


Get your own cases engraved and made into beautiful tributes at High Caliber Creations! This is especially popular for 21 Gun Salutes!


Personalized Text with One of Our Pictured Fonts-Choose 1 to 4 Lines (Included in Price)

Enter up to four lines of personalized text here-the longer each line is, the smaller the text will be. You will have the opportunity to indicate your font choice later in this listing. If you prefer to send your loved one’s handwriting, leave this space blank and choose the option below.

If you prefer to send a snippet of your loved one’s handwriting, we can use that instead. Please scan and email it to us to verify that we can use it. We will only charge the $50 set up fee one time, no matter how many cases you are having engraved.


Choose your font here – see photo in listing. Old English is not recommended unless you are using very little text.

Bullet Reloaded-$10 per case

Reload bullet into the case so it looks like a full cartridge

Add Ashes-$50 FLAT FEE per order. (Up to 21 cases)


PLEASE NOTE: This listing is PER CASE. (example: If you have ten cases, you need to order a quantity of 10.) If your order for this specific listing totals $200 or above, you are eligible for a 15% discount by using the following code: weloveveterans

PLEASE NOTE: If your order for this specific listing totals $200 or above, you are eligible for a 15% discount by using the following code:   trigger

We frequently have requests for engraving of a customer’s own special case(s) – examples include: case from a military funeral for a veteran, a case from a first shooting experience at the range, a case from a first hunting experience etc.  We can do that for you and even make it into a special keepsake such as a necklace, key chain, rear view window accessory and more! Please understand that this is custom handiwork and each individual case goes through a several step process by hand. Therefore, the prices you see are per individual case– just enter your quantity of cases and don’t forget to use the 15% discount for orders over $200 (see above).

NOTE: This product is NOT an urn that you can put ashes in. We can put your loved one’s ashes in the cases you send us, but the cases will be sealed with a bullet and you will not be able to see the ashes. If interested in an urn that you can put ashes into yourself, please see our “In Memoriam” category below.

You can order engraving of your personal item(s) here. We can generally engrave up to four lines of text. Please keep in mind that the more text there is per line, the smaller the text will be. In other words, sometimes less is sometimes best – but it is totally your call. As for font, we tend to use Bookman and Zapf Chancery for many items, so if you are having a difficult time making a decision, you won’t go wrong with one of these fonts. Old English is only recommended when there is a small amount of text and it can be difficult to read.

In most cases, depending upon the caliber, we can add a bullet to the end to complete the cartridge for an additional fee of $10.00 per case. This would NOT make it live ammunition because there would not be any gun powder or primer – it would just look like a factory round. If you would like to do this, just add that option. If we do not have a bullet for your specific case in stock, we will refund the $10 that you paid for the reloading of each bullet. (Or you can just ask in your email, before placing the order to see if we can reload your specific case) Also, if you choose this option, please be aware that this is for aesthetic purposes only. Sometimes, cases from 21 Gun Salutes are very old, cracked or damaged and it is very difficult to reload a bullet. It may not fit in just perfectly, and at times, we may even have to secure it with resin, but we will always do our best to make it look as good as possible. If you order this option, it is with the understanding that the bullet may not be seated perfectly due to the condition of the case that you send us.

We have many requests to enclose a loved ones ashes inside the case before we add bullet. If you choose this option, please know that we treat the ashes with the respect and dignity that your loved one deserves. Since they are permanently enclosed in the cartridge, we leave a little room so that when you shake the cartridge, you can hear the movement of the ashes. There is a one-time fee of $50 per order for this service, no matter how many cases there are. We will return any remaining ashes as well. If you choose this option, we recommend that you enclose the ashes in a well sealed container (not a basic envelope) and send them, along with your case if you have one, via insured mail. If you do not have a case, just send the ashes and tell us what caliber case you  want them enclosed in.

Other Information:

  • If you order a necklace, key chain, or rear view window accessory, we do not drill into the cases as this leaves sharp edges and eventually cuts the cord or chain. Rather, we custom make wire loops that we add to the top of the cartridge. This also allows the cartridge to hang evenly, as opposed to drilled holes.
  • Freestanding requires slightly less custom work, which is why it costs slightly less.
  • All cases go through a several step cleaning process that ends in finishing off the case with a clear coating to prevent tarnishing. While they will not look brand new, they will look significantly cleaner and shinier.
  • Finally, if you have something else in mind, contact us and we will try to accommodate your request.


Once you place your order, please send your case(s) to us at the following address:

High Caliber Creations, 5062 Rockrose Ct., Unit 333, Roscoe, IL  61073

*PLEASE DO NOT SEND YOUR CASE IN A REGULAR ENVELOPE AS IT MOST LIKELY WILL CAUSE A RIP IN THE ENVELOPE AS IT GOES THROUGH THE POSTAL MACHINES AND IT WILL NOT MAKE IT TO US…..Please properly package your item(s) and ship them via USPS First Class Mail or Priority Mail. This will also give you (and us) the ability to track the item.

Payment is required before we will begin working on your product(s).

*Final note: Engraving is somewhat of an “art.” We understand that your product is very special to you and promise to do our very best. However, it is always possible that the result could be less than perfect (to date, we have never had an unhappy engraving customer). By ordering this work, you acknowledge that you understand the risks stated and that you will not hold High Caliber Creations liable in any way if you are not satisfied with the outcome of your engraving. If you cannot agree to this, then please do not order.


Additional information


Freestanding Case, Necklace, Key Chain, Rear View Mirror Accessory, Resin Paperweight