Mad Max Style Adjustable Paracord Bracelet


Mad Max Adjustable Bracelet

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This is the style of bracelet that Tom Hardy’s character wore in the 2015 Mad Max movie.

We custom make this bracelet using the cobra weave.

This bracelet is adjustable, which simplifies sizing. There is no buckle, just a knot. You simply pull the cord to tighten.

This bracelet is made from about 8-12 feet of paracord (depending on size), which can be an excellent survival tool that can be used in various emergency situations.

Pictured here in Army Camo, there are many color choices. View “AVAILABLE PARCORD COLORS” by clicking on the following link, then return to this page by clicking the “back”arrow:

We only use 550 military spec cord, which is very durable – will not rot or mildew.

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Small 6-7.5", Medium 7-8.5", Large 8-9.5", XL 9 and up