Paracord Keychain With Carabiner and FMJ Bullet Cartridge


Paracord 9mm key chain with carabiner

Optional Custom Engraving

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Color Selection

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This cobra weave  paracord key chain features a FMJ bullet cartridge (choose between .380 ACP, 9 mm or .45 ACP) on one end and a metal carabiner on the other end.

You can choose your paracord color too!

View “AVAILABLE PARACORD COLORS” by clicking on the following link, then click on the back arrow to return to this listing:

Optional engraving available, but the number of characters allowed depends on the size of the case. Please email us first to determine the number of allowable characters.


Additional information


Brass .380 ACP, Brass 9 mm, Brass .45 ACP, Nickel Plated .45 ACP

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