Two-Color Custom-Made Survival Paracord Bracelet Using Adjustable Stainless Steel Shackle with Compass.


Trilobite Survival Paracord Bracelet


This two color paracord bracelet is woven here in our shop. It is made to order and you can choose your colors! Just click the following Available Colors Link

If your color choice is not listed here, please email us and we will try to accommodate your request.

This weave is called the Trilobite weave and it is definitely one of our more popular bracelets.

This one is extra cool because we use a stainless steel shackle instead of a buckle – and the shackle has a small compass on it!

The paracord that we use is quality 550 paracord that can be used in various survival or emergency situations if needed: dog leash, belt shoe laces, tent support, tie down, clothesline, zipper pull, fishing line and soooo much more! The paracord is mildew and rot resistant and holds up to 550 pounds. Depending on your wrist size, you will have around 16-18 FEET of survival paracord!

Pease measure your wrist loosely and choose your size accordingly. If always helps if you email your exact wrist size to us or include it with your order.

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Small 6.5"-7", Medium 7-8.5", Large 8.5 and up