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Welcome to High Caliber Creations – home to the original and
most extensive bullet jewelry collection anywhere!

Our products are custom made using REAL ammunition components.
Unlike most other bullet jewelry designers, most of our jewelry is made
with the ENTIRE cartridge, not just simple case heads or casings.
This takes special equipment, knowledge, expertise and
experience - a rare combination!

We are honored to serve a wide variety of customers, including hunters, soldiers, bikers
Second Amendment advocates & gun lovers in general!
We are also the "go-to company" for major Hollywood stars, cutting-edge musicians
and major motion pictures, so don't be surprised to see our products
in concerts, music videos, television, and the big screen!

NEW in JUNE 2014:
We also work with teams and organizations to make custom products with your slogan
or motivational inscription. We offer significant bulk discounts for these orders - just click on
the"Bulk Discount" link on the left navigation bar for more information!

We invite you to take a look at our site.
Our products are made in the USA!
Have a blast and exercise your Second Amendment right in style!

Featured Items: Best Selling Pre-Engraved Products

"Molon Labe" Necklace - .223 Cartridge with V-Max Bullet
Price: $45.00
"Molon Labe" Necklace - .223  Cartridge with V-Max Bullet
.223 V Max Bullet Necklace with "Molon Labe" inscribed on cartridge
.30-.30 Case Head KARMA Pendant
Price: $65.00
.30-.30 Case Head KARMA Pendant
.30-.30 case head Karma pendant anchored on beaded necklace
"Molon Labe" .50 Caliber HOGtooth on OD Green Paracord
Price: $50.00
"Molon Labe" .50 Caliber HOGtooth on OD Green Paracord
.50 caliber HOGtooth with the text "Molon Labe" engraved on the bullet
"Never Forget 9/11" .50 Caliber Hogtooth
Price: $50.00
"Never Forget 9/11" .50 Caliber Hogtooth
.50 Caliber Hogtooth with inscription that says "Never Forget 9/11"