Welcome to High Caliber Creations

Welcome to High Caliber Creations – home to FULL CARTRIDGE BULLET NECKLACES! We have the original and most extensive AUTHENTIC bullet jewelry collection anywhere!

Our products are custom-made from REAL ammunition components. While none of our products contain live ammunition, we meticulously work to make our bullet jewelry look as authentic as possible, down to the millimeter!

We are proud to say that many of our products are made from recycled materials.

Unlike the majority of bullet jewelry designers, most of our jewelry is made with the ENTIRE cartridge, not just simple case heads or casings.

We are constantly adding new & unique products to our inventory. We have products for both men and women - and even a few items for Fido! We are the "go-to" company for soldiers, hunters, Second Amendment advocates, Hollywood and major music artists.

Along with our basic bullet jewelry, we are also home to "Glammo Ammo" jewelry and beautiful ammo-free jewelry. Finally, we offer paracord items, with and without ammunition components. We like to say that not all of our products have ammunition components, but all of them are "HIGH CALIBER!"

To top it off, we even offer engraved personalization of your cartridges!

We hope you will agree that our designs are "right on target". Take a look, enjoy our unique site and exercise your Second Amendment right in style!